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The 5th International Conference on Environmental and Material Flow Management
“EMFM 2015“ Zenica, B&H, 05-07 November 2015


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5th International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management “EMFM 2015“ Zenica, B&H, 5-7 November 2015.  If you follow these instructions, the typeface, style and basic layout of your paper should look something like this document. The text of the abstract should be in Times New Roman font style, 11-pt. italic.

Keywords: keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3 (Times New Roman, 11-pt.)


Your paper title should start below of the Conference title, as in this document. The Conference title should be in Times New Roman font, 12-pt., bold. Two line spaces separate the paper title from the Conference title. The title of your paper should be 14-pt., bold in all capital letters, Times New Roman font. Two line spaces (14-pt. bold) separate the title from the first author listing. Author’s name should consist of his (her) first name, middle initial, last name. It should be 12-pt., bold, times New Roman font. If there is more than one author at the same address, list the authors, followed by their affiliation. Conference title, title of the paper, and author(s) name must be centered under the margins. For more than two authors, you may want to list them in double columns.


Paper should be prepared on 210×297 mm format. All margins should be set at 25.4 mm. The completed paper including graphics and references should not exceed 6 pages. The text of your paper should be in 11-pt., medium (normal), Times New Roman font, justified under the left and right margins.


The primary text heading should be numbered by 1., 2., … and should be in 11-pt., bold, capital letters, flush left with margin. The spacing from text to the next heading is one line.

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  • Text heading # 2

The next heading, or sub-head, should be numbered by X.1., X.2., … and should be in 11-pt., bold, upper and lower case letters. The heading is flush left with margin.


All figures, tables and photos (black & white only) must be clear and sharp.

Dijagram, 1


Pages should be numbered on the back, along with author¢s name. Your paper will be printed directly from the pages you submit.  No galley proofs will be prepared, so make sure your manuscript is carefully proofread before submitting it. It is no possible to make corrections after submission. Your document must not be folded; folds cause shadows on the printed page.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, Technical faculty Bor Serbia and Environmental campus Birkenfeld possess the copyright of all papers submitted. By submitting the paper you automatically agree to transfer the copyright to Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, Technical faculty Bor Serbia and Environmental campus Birkenfeld. This means the paper accepted here should not be offered to another conferences or journals without the above mentioned institutions approval. If there are drawings, photos and similar material belong to some other authors, institutions or companies, the author has to get their written permission. In the contrary, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, Technical faculty Bor Serbia and Environmental campus Birkenfeld assume that this kind of permission has already been got.


References should be in 10-pt., Times New Roman font, normal. They should appear at the end of your paper and be numbered. In text of your paper the references should be written by sign [1] for one reference, or by [1,2,5,7] for more than one. The samples below show how the references should be cited for journal or conference proceedings papers and books.

[1] Goletić, Š., Imamović, N., Ekinović, S.: Mathematical model of chemical oxygen demand in function other wastewater parameters, „Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology“ TMT 2009, Hammamet, Tunisia, Ed. Sabahudin Ekinović, Jenaj Yalcin, Joan Vivacos Calvet, 13 (1): 301-304, 16-21 October 2009.

[2] Goletić, Š., Imamović, N.: Statistical analysis of the efficiency treatment of wastewater, Journal of society development of teaching and business processes in new net environment in B&H (ttem), ISSN 1840-1503, Vol.5, No.4 2010, Pages 836-839, 2010.

[3] Wieregge, G.: Zerspanung der Eisenwerkstoffe, Verlag Stahleisen m.b.H. Düsseldorf, 1970.


You can submit electronic version of your paper (in .doc format), done according to the Instruction, as:

 Attachment to the e-mails send on following address: emfm@unze.ba